Photo Porcelain:

Q: Is there any guarantee on the memorial porcelain portrait?

A: Photo Porcelain Dominic guarantees their portraits not to fade or deteriorate for the lifetime of the memorial to which they are attached.  Broken portraits will be replaced at no charge.  All our images are archived by family name and order date for easy retrieval.

Q: How can I send my portrait order to you?

A: Original photographs along with the order forms can be sent by mail.  Order forms and images can also be sent electronically via e-mail.

Q: What kind of photograph do I send?

A: Original, studio quality photographs always yield the best results.  Whenever possible, avoid sending grainy or blurry photographs.  The resulting memorial portraits will have the same imperfections.

Do not staple or attach photographs with paper clips as they will leave a mark.  Please do not write on the back of the photo, cut out or draw on the original photograph.  We suggest you make a photocopy of the image and indicate cropping or any other instructions on the copy.

Q: Do I get my original photograph back?

A: Yes. Original photographs are scanned and returned with the completed order.  Please do not send photographs with their frames.  The protective glass may shatter during shipment and damage the photograph.

Q: How do I scan a photograph to be sent electronically?

A: As with orders being sent by mail, the best possible original picture should be used.  Low resolution images will yield final memorial portraits with boxy or blurry images.

Scans should be made with a good quality scanner, not a photocopier.

Make sure that the scanner bed is free from dust, scratches and smudges.

Scan only the subject and not the entire photograph.  The scan should be at 300 dpi.

Save your scan as a jpeg file at the highest quality level.

The file should bear the name of the family. Ex: Campanelli.jpg

The image, together with the order form, can be sent to or saved on a C.D. to be sent by mail.

Q: What is your turn-around time from the time you receive my order?

A: Orders are usually shipped within 15 to 20 working days.

Q: Is there any extra charge for the artwork such as removal of the background, retouching or combining two people onto one portrait?

A: No, there is no extra charge for the artwork.  The price also includes regular shipping by UPS or Canada Post.

Q: If I have a rush order, how quickly can I receive it?

A: We will try to return the order to you within 5 to 7 days.  Please note that extra shipping costs may apply.

Q: How do I install the memorial portrait?

A: The portrait can either be siliconed onto the monument or crypt front or it can be attached with 3M’s double sided VHB tape.

Clean the area of the stone with rubbing alcohol.
Allow the area to dry well.
Apply silicone on the back of the porcelain tile and position it in place.
Apply a vertical and a horizontal strip of tape across the portrait to help keep it in place as the silicone cures.
The tape can be removed after 24 hours.

Double sided tape:
Clean the area of the stone with rubbing alcohol.
Allow the area to dry well.
Remove the protective plastic sheet from the VHB tape and position the portrait in place.
*Please note this bond is permanent.

Q: How do I pay for my memorial portrait order?

A: All completed orders will have an invoice included.

Quad Urns:

Q: Are your metal urns made of bronze?

A: No, our metal urns are zinc based and powder coated by hand which makes them lighter in weight and more affordable.

Q: I have an odd shaped/small niche.  Which urn will fit in there?

A: Our Simplicity urns were specifically designed to fit two into a niche with limited space.

Q: How can I place an order for urns?

A: The order form in PDF format is available to be printed out and sent in by mail or by fax.  The form can also be completed on line and sent electronically to

Q: Do I have to order an emblem with the urn?

A: All urns can be ordered with or without emblems or inscription plaques.

Q: What is your delivery time once you have received my order?

A: Orders are usually shipped the next business day.

Q: How do I pay for my urn order?

A: All completed orders will have an invoice included.

Quad Bronze

Q: Who manufactures your bronze memorialization products?

A: Our mausoleum emblems, vases, lamps, perpetual lights and letters are all manufactured in Italy by Pilla.

Q: Do I have to order a certain quantity of the mausoleum emblems, for example.

A: No, not at all.  Your order can simply be for one item.

Q: How do I mount the mausoleum emblems?

A: The emblems can be purchased with filled or hollow backs.  Filled-back emblems can be attached to the crypt front with silicone.  Hardware is provided for the hollow-back emblems.

Q: How do I mount the miniature niche emblems?

A: A strip of 3M’s VHB tape is included with each emblem.

Q: How do I place an order?

A: The order form in PDF format is available to be printed out and sent in by mail or by fax.  The form can also be completed on-line and sent electronically to

Q: How do I pay for my order?

A: All completed orders will have an invoice included.